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  • Corporation: Meaning, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages of a Corporation

    A corporation is a legally recognized business entity separate from its owners. It is established through the operation of law and enjoys many of the same rights and responsibilities as an individual. Ownership in a corporation is typically represented by shares or stock. Shareholders, also known as stockholders, own the corporation by holding shares.

  • History of Banking Regulations in Nigeria

    Before 1952, there was no Banking regulation in Nigeria as there was laissez-faire banking in Nigeria. Foreign banks dominated the banking sector, and there was a lack of comprehensive regulatory oversight. However, in 1952, the first banking legislation in Nigeria the Banking Ordinance was established based on the recommendations of the G.D Paton Commission of…

  • Development Finance Institutions in Nigeria: Meaning, History, and Functions of Development Finance Institutions

    A development finance institution is a financial institution that is supported by the government to provide financial assistance to specific sectors of the economy to promote economic development.